April 12, 2023

Google Business Profile Performance Metrics | What's the New Keyword Feature?

We talk about understanding keywords and the new feature introduced by PinMeTo with Astghik, the SEO expert from the marketing team.

📍What is a keyword and why is it important in the digital world?

📍Why measuring keywords is essential for SEO success and data-driven decision-making.

📍The benefits of using the new Keyword Insights feature by PinMeTo and how it can help in identifying new trends, local SEO efforts, and performance tracking.

To learn more, check out the new Keyword Insights feature on the PinMeTo platform. If you have any questions or want to know more about how to use it, don't hesitate to reach out to PinMeTo support.

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Conversation transcript

The text has been lightly edited for clarity.

[00:00:08.640] - Bernardo Candeias

Hi, everybody! My name is Bernardo Candeias and I am the Communications Manager here at PinMeTo. I'm here joined by Astghik. Can you introduce yourself, Astghik, please?

[00:00:22.130] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

Hello. Of course, I can. So I'm Astghik. I'm working at PinMeTo for the Marketing team. I'm responsible for the SEO part. Today, we're going to talk about the keywords and our new feature.

[00:00:36.740] - Bernardo Candeias

Exactly. A new feature here at PinMeTo, keywords that allow you to understand a little bit better how the people that are searching for your brand, your company, your institution, how are they doing that on Google, which is very interesting for us to know. But the first question I have for you, Astghik, is a little bit generic, but I want to know exactly what's a ‘’keyword’’ and why is it so important in the digital world?

[00:01:10.700] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

So a keyword is a word or a phrase that describes your product and services and one of your pages that you use the keyword on to optimize. So when someone types that keyword, they should find your product or relevant pages. Now, let's say you sell leather shoes. The keywords people use to search for relevant products give you a clue as to what they want to find, allowing you to better meet their needs. The searcher needs leather shoes and you say, 'Hey, I've got them. Come buy from us.' But here's the catch, here's the catch. Here's the thing. Thousands of other brands are offering the same. Your job is to make sure what you offer appears on the first page of search results or in a ‘’local pack.’’ How to achieve that? You start with keywords, you start with SEO search engine optimization.

[00:02:04.460] - Bernardo Candeias

Why is it so important for us to measure keywords?

[00:02:12.500] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

Without measuring and tracking, you are navigating without a compass, let's say. You need to know your rankings to see how far you are from the top to understand whether your SEO efforts are working or not and to make data-driven decisions based on the competition and your results. If you're a new company, for example, and you want to optimize your listings to appear on the top of the search results, but you are targeting a high difficulty and high-volume keywords, maybe you need to change your strategy for the beginning and optimize for mid to low volume or long tail keywords to have a chance to rank better and higher.

[00:02:52.590] - Bernardo Candeias

So based on the information taken from what we can measure, and now with this new feature here at PinMeTo where you can actually get a lot of information and a lot of historical information more than you can get even from Google, can you give some examples on how this information can be applied to?

[00:03:16.950] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

There are a number of things to learn and to do when you analyze your keyword data. You can understand the search intent and the phrases people use to find you. You can see the correlation between the organic traffic you get from the keywords you rank for and the conversion rate. You can even see an increase in your sales when you start appearing at the top of the results. You should use your keyword insights to optimize your entire digital marketing, starting from ads to content and more.

[00:03:50.890] - Bernardo Candeias

That's great. Let's jump into our new feature here, the Keywords feature. Here we are. This is the new feature. It's called keywords. It can be found under the Insights tab on our Listings section here in the PinMeTo platform. Tell us, what is this feature all about?

[00:04:19.370] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

First of all, to give you some background, recently Google replaced the old Insights section with Performance Metrics. The few key metrics like branded or direct searches have been replaced by Keyword Insights. Instead of seeing the type of organic search, now you see the keyword people use to find your listings. We have integrated the new Google Business Profile Performance API, and now you can easily access all the new features from the Insights section. It's right there on the left. Now you can see the keywords people use to find your listings. You can see how many unique users used each keyword to find you. The coolest part is that you get access to this data for each of your locations.

[00:05:06.280] - Bernardo Candeias

That's great. Let's see how it works. Astghik, while you show more or less what the interface looks like, can you just let us know exactly what are the benefits of using this tool?

[00:05:23.530] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

Just to give you a few examples, you can identify keywords or keyword gaps based on these results. You can get some keyword ideas to incorporate into your content marketing and website optimization, reverse engineer your local SEO efforts, measure local and paid campaigns performance, and you can optimize your Google business profile better. For example, if you see that most of your listings get found through the ‘’secondhand leather shoes’’ keyword, but you mostly optimize for ‘’leather shoes,’’  you should, first of all, do an audit of your Google Business Profile and add the keyword in your Q&A section, in the description, try to have it in the reviews, add in the review answers, or even add it to the attributes if it's actually something your business does. The new Keyword Insights feature is a great tool to help you find out if a certain keyword is more relevant to your business or not.

[00:06:24.480] - Bernardo Candeias

Okay, that's super important. Then we can see here, actually in this view, the number of searches a keyword had and how many locations were found using that keyword. Can you just scroll a little bit down just so that we can see? Of course, some information here is blurred, but so basically we can see the position of that said keyword. We can see the actual keyword that was searched. The number of searches and the locations found by that keyword, why is it important for a marketer, anybody who works with reporting or advertising, etc, to understand the ratio of searches and locations found?

[00:07:21.140] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

I think it helps you understand whether you should incorporate these keywords into your SEO or not. If only a few people searched and found you through, let's say, the ‘’red cowboy leather shoes’’ keyword, it's not necessary to act on that. Regarding the number of locations, it can help you identify a local trend. A very obvious example. Let's say Starbucks listings in Lisbon receive lots of visits through the ‘’Starbucks Espresso’’ keyword, but the Swedish branch receives no search terms containing the word ‘’Espresso.’’ We can see a pattern and optimize the Portuguese listings with the keyword, run ads containing the ‘’Starbucks Espresso’’ Keyword, and even add more types of espressos actually in the shops in Lisbon. Because I guess in Portugal it's more popular, they prefer to drink Espressos to Americanos and other types of coffee. So you can make data-driven decisions based on these results.

[00:08:21.070] - Bernardo Candeias

That's very interesting. Of course, this can be applied in an unlimited way. A lot of examples could be given. We gave Espressos. It's a good example. All of us need a little bit of coffee every single day. Astghik, this tool also allows us to create filters. What are these filters all about and why should our users use them?

[00:08:54.350] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

So you can filter the locations to see the list of keywords per location and per region. It can be a few listings in one region, let's say Malmö, or it can be just one location, let's say, like one listing per filter.

[00:09:09.200] - Bernardo Candeias

All right, Astghik, and why is it important for us to measure and see what keywords are on the top of the searches for our users over time? Why is it important for us to keep an eye on the keywords?

[00:09:27.230] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

For me, there are two reasons for this. First of all, to measure and see if your local SEO and other marketing campaigns are working or not, and also to identify new trends to act on. For example, if I see last month and the month prior, I was getting the same results from the same keywords, and people are actually looking for those keywords. I need to get the hint, I need to act on that. I need to incorporate those keywords into my content marketing, local SEO marketing, optimize my Google Business Profile according to this or that, so on and so forth.

[00:10:03.500] - Bernardo Candeias

Okay. That's why I think it's super important for all of us who work in communications and marketing to have this in mind, even for future products that the company might want to incorporate. Awesome. Let's check another section where this new feature is available because we can track both globally, so all of our locations, all of your locations as a whole, or individually location by location. We can understand in one specific location what keywords led users there. We can guide us through that Astghik. I think there's an option in our locations inside each one of our locations to see what keywords were searched during a period of time.

[00:11:12.730] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

I think the global data is mostly for reporting and understanding your overall performance and your overall online visibility. But you get real value when you examine each location's performance individually. It also becomes easier to track the entire customer journey from online to offline or from search to action.

[00:11:35.260] - Bernardo Candeias

How does it work? We go into one of our locations, click Insights on top, and then Keywords over there.

[00:11:44.190] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

Then you have the keywords here.

[00:11:45.030] - Bernardo Candeias

These keywords are only for this location.

[00:11:51.270] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

Only for this location. In this case, it's Malmö. Yes, it's Malmö Listings.

[00:11:56.260] - Bernardo Candeias

Just as a note, I think a very important thing is that we can search for the keywords based on a specific time frame after August 2021, which is far more than what the Google Business Profile provides us today. And we can download this information to an Excel file for further analysis, which is super important. Astghik, my last question to you is referring to how we can improve each listing's performance based on this new Keyword Insights feature.

[00:12:45.070] - Astghik Nikoghosyan

Apart from what I've already mentioned, you need to constantly optimize your listings by incorporating relevant keywords and using those keywords strategically. There is no one recipe to improve your listings performance, but you can use this new feature, this Keyword feature, to understand searchers' intent and needs better and to optimize your profile accordingly.

[00:13:07.920] - Bernardo Candeias

It's super important. It's great that PinMeTo now has this Keyword feature. Astghik, thank you so much! For everybody watching this video, if you have any questions about this tool, how to use it, or if you are not a customer yet, but you want to reach out to us, you can do so by sending us an email, reaching out to us on support@pinmeto.com. Astghik, see you next time. Bye, everybody. Thank you!


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