Don’t trash your own brand: 5 reasons to digitize your flyers

Black Friday is upon us and many companies are having special offers well before and after the actual date. Companies are doing whatever they can to stand out and catch consumer attention. One of these methods is with paper flyers or weekly offers and there, we at PinMeTo see an opportunity to save money, be

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19.2M views on Facebook and Google in 30 days

Scandic hotels gets 640,000 views on Facebook and Google in the Swedish market – every single day, without spending a dollar on ads. Hotels are particularly well suited to taking advantage of viral and organic exposure on search and social media. People’s natural desire to tell their friends they are on vacation, on a business

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How to name locations on Google, hint, use storefront name!

TL:DR Our advice = Use your real life storefront name for locations on Google & Google my Business. More details Lately we have noticed a few of our customers that give their locations and venues a custom name on Google that differs from the storefront sign. At first glance it could look like a good

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