Do you really hear your customers?

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They talk, but do you listen?

Not too long ago most companies did not have customer service for social media. It was frowned upon and considered requiring resources that the company didn’t have. The general view was that phone and email support was enough.

Today, all major companies that are up-to-date with the world know that customer support and service on social media isn’t just necessary, but also extremely beneficial. They know that great customer experience is key for success, and that it’s really good for sales.

Consumers take for granted that they are heard, that the company cares. If they have a question, a complaint, or are providing feedback, they feel they ought to be heard.

But here’s the thing: social activity is happening at a local level. People tweet, post, comment, rate and review on-site, when they are at your location. Whether they had a good or bad experience, they’ll say it.

Locations and customers are ignored

Unfortunately those voices are not heard, because they’re not happening on the brand page; they are happening on local pages, that are sadly ignored by most companies even though they are as much part of the brand, or should be as their main brand page. Yet, the companies say they are where they need to be, and where the customers are. The customers are at your stores, and you should be there too.

Would you ignore them if they’d call your phone support? Would you ignore them if they emailed or tweeted? Most likely not - so why ignore them if they’re posting something on your locations, when that location is carrying and representing your brand?

Missed opportunities

Most companies are missing an opportunity here because the power of social is continuously occurring at local level, and those local voices can be used to your advantage to enhance the customer experience, to engage better and reach more people. And in turn, increase sales and your reputation in one fell swoop.

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