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Local Business Listings Management

Effortlessly manage multiple business locations, placing your brand at the top of search engines, directories, maps, and social channels. PinMeTo makes sure your listings are visible and accurate across 100+ platforms, including Google, Facebook, Bing, making it easy for potential customers to discover and engage with your brand.

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Take Control Over Your Location Data

Anyone can easily edit your location data. In fact, on most networks like Google, your competitors can access your listings, click on "suggest an edit," and make changes to the information displayed about your company and products without your consent.
PinMeTo puts you back in control. We instantly inform you about any data conflicts and changes, allowing you to swiftly address and correct any inaccuracies with minimal effort.

Elevate How You Handle Local Business Listings

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Improve Local SEO

Make sure your information is both accurate and optimized for high local search visibility.
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One Platform, Multiple Networks

Update and manage your business information consistently across all major networks.
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Effortless Compliance

Our platform's built-in network guidelines keep you compliant, without manual checks.

Centralized Updates

No more managing multiple logins or sending data with crossed fingers.  Update, verify, and maintain your listings across multiple networks including Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing, and more from a single dashboard. Whether you operate physical storefronts or Service Area Businesses (SABs), ensure consistent representation across all locations.


Streamlined Operations

Free your team from the repetitive tasks of data management. Automate updates across all your locations and platforms, allowing you to reallocate resources to where they matter most, reducing operational costs and boosting productivity.

Brand Consistency

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Your business is more than its name, address, and phone number. PinMeTo enhances brand control and consistency by enabling you to enrich your listings with diverse content, including logos, photos, delivery options, and special hours. The Media Review feature offers comprehensive management of media on your Google pages, allowing for the deletion of self-uploaded media, reporting of external uploads, and access to detailed media analytics.

Performance Tracking

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Get aggregated insights from across your locations for a comprehensive overview not available directly from individual platforms. Track metrics like search impressions, actions as well as review insights to understand the impact of your local business listings and make strategic decisions enhancing visibility and customer engagement.

API Integration

The PinMeTo Listings API automates real-time updates of location information across multiple online platforms from your internal systems, eliminating manual entry. It also provides detailed analytics for strategic decision-making, enhancing your online visibility and customer engagement efficiently. The Push API connects with your system for easy updates, and the Pull API keeps your info up-to-date everywhere.
PinMeTo provides one-on-one onboarding & 24-hour fast online support for each tool.
Our support's average response time is up to 1 minute.

Key Features

  • Integration with 100+ platforms
  • Real-time listing updates, protection, handling data conflicts
  • Bulk verification of existing and future listings 
  • Scheduling of open, closed, and temporary business hours
  • Scheduling of contact information like phone, email, etc
  • Media Review to manage and report your listings’ media
  • Built-in Media Library to store images/videos
  • User account management (add, remove, assign roles)
  • API Integration for data exchange (Push & Pull)
  • Advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making
  • Access to premium Customer Support services 

We were able to enhance our organic position on Google for generic keywords, such as 'Espadrille in Barcelona' and generated €130,000 of extra sales from Google-generated traffic alone in the first 6 months.

Ricard Llop Noriega

Head of Marketing

Toni Pons

We’ve received a customised offer, suitable for the organisational structure of AVIA, and the customer support was very helpful and friendly. As a result, we've got higher click rates and visibility on Google.

Samuel Hartmann

Brand & Project Manager Europe


I sent a massive list of parkings, and after two weeks or so, Google Business metrics were like, boom, they skyrocketed. Not only in views or number of impressions, but the number of directions. It was like, maybe plus 1,000%.

Carlos Blommé de Lope

Head of Marketing

Aimo Park

Our consulting and content expertise perfectly complements Pinmeto's platform!

Scott Roemermann

Director of Owned Media

GroupM Sweden

...The tools, support, and expertise that PinMeTo delivers have helped us increase visibility, drive more foot traffic, and optimize our online strategies

Olle Jonstoij

Digital Communicator


While managing 15 locations I was sitting and keeping track of them manually, it is so easy now when I can publish all the posts at the same time by just selecting the locations I need.

Helena Kryssman

Social Media & PR Manager


The communication was great because I was talking to just one person. The PinMeTo support team fills everything in your tool. It's easy.

Patryk Wichert

Head of Marketing


Being able to just log on in the mornings and have everything consolidated into one location is just so easy, especially because we have 600+ stores and it's our job to oversee any community management there.

Leigh O' Mahony

Senior Content and Social Media Executive


With PinMeTo we managed to get control of our online presence for all our clinics. It’s very easy to use the tool, when adding new locations or handling location updates.

Filip Wallin

Marketing Coordinator


PinMeTo has saved us a lot of time by giving us the tools to remove unofficial content and manage our locations across platforms in an easy to understand way, all mixed together with a couple of good laughs.

Peter Hedström

Head of Marketing


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