4 out of 5 local searches on mobile devices end in a purchase (73% of these purchases are in brick and mortar stores)”

Our customer’s challenge

If you want to reach as many of your potential customers as possible it is essential to appear everywhere your customers look for local business information. This means managing data on a lot of different platforms: search engines, social media, maps services, apps, business directories, recommendation platforms, GPS-systems and so on.

With PinMeTo you can easily ensure that your business data is available, consistent and up-to-date on all those platforms – for a single location or thousand.


Daniel Melkersson


Daniel dreams big, and converts his visions into satisfied customers. Leads PinMeTo forward by leaving no stone unturned. Loves to skate and surf.

Petter Palander

Sales engineering

Petter is a hybrid of sales and engineering, successfully combining technical knowledge with the skills of completing sales. Must be kept caffeinated at all times!

Michael Nilsson


Pragmatic programmer who writes code skilfully and efficiently. Master of agile software methodology. Keeps it simple. Loves sailing and lives for the sea.

Marcus Olsson


Polyglot programmer that keeps his code elegant by delicately balancing method and intuition. Loves all things robot- and is quite good at building them too. Ask about his hydroponic window farm!


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