Gym chain went from 2,168 weekly unpaid views to 250,000+ on Facebook after using PinMeTo

With the help of PinMeTo, Fitness24Seven has created local Facebook pages, Foursquare Venues, and Google Places for all of their 150+ fitness centers, resulting in a organic weekly reach increase of 113 times, and a fan base increase from 31,347 to 47.738 (332%) reaching both people liking their national brand pages and all of their local pages.

On Fitness24Seven’s pages people have acted as brand ambassadors 492,384 times by adding shared experiences and visits. 462,109 of those visits have were claimed from 1184 unofficial duplicate pages found using PinMeTo.

It’s very common that users create and use unofficial local pages to share their experiences if no official location exists. These unofficial pages can become quite popular over time despite being incomplete or even incorrect.  Fitness24Seven was able to collect all of these shared experiences and reconnect to their customers.

“PinMeTo not only ensured that our customers could find the closest Fitness24Seven regardless of the search method, but they also enabled us to have explosive growth in reach by removing unofficial pages and connecting us to our customers on a local level.” – Christoffer Persson, Digital Marketer

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