20 coffee shops and 1,220,223 views on Google

All of Barista’s 20 coffee shops are active on both Facebook and Instagram to interact and engage with their fans and customers. More than half (55%) of their Facebook likes come from local pages. The total weekly organic reach of both brand and local pages is 45 times higher than if they’d only have a brand page.

Together Barista and PinMeTo did a number of case studies comparing the results of campaigns on their brand page vs. local pages. The study concluded that the engagement on local pages are on average 5-6 higher than on the brand page alone. The total reach of a post that is posted both on brand and local pages reach on average 300% more people than if it would be posted on the brand page only.

With the help of PinMeTo, Barista added all of their local Facebook pages to their national brand page, connecting local engagement of fans with their national brand. On Google, Barista’s 20 coffee shop has been searched for and viewed more than 1,220,223 times, a staggering number for a relatively chain with 20 locations. That’s the power of a global social, search, and map services. 

We at Barista are super satisfied both with PinMeTo as a company and a service. We can now update our business info to all our cafés in one single place, instead of 60. We are really looking forward to the next steps in the development of PinMeTo. – Mattias Jönsson, Marketing Director, Barista

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