Location posts

Create and send posts to multiple local Facebook pages just as easy as to one.
A smart, efficient, powerful functions to enhance your Facebook engagement.


200% more likes

Posts to locations get twice as many likes on average as the same content on a Brand page.

47% better unpaid reach

Posts made to Locations reach 47% more people on average than the same post on the Brand page.

59% better engagement

Posts to locations get 59% more clicks, likes, shares, and comments than the same content on the Brand page

2.56m impressions

2,261,187 unpaid impressions over a 30 day period for 30 locations on Facebook versus 5,663 impressions on the Brand page.

155% more clicks

Posts to locations get one and half as many clicks on average as the same content on a Brand page.

452x impressions

Brands see as much as 452 times more unpaid impressions on locations than on Brand pages.


“Once again our co-operation with PinMeTo has generated a better, more efficient and smarter platform for our local presence on Facebook. This new feature is incredible easy to use and since they granted us access we have been using it daily. Now we can offer our followers a more personalised and relevant Facebook feed – a win win for all parties!”

- Christoffer Persson, Digital Marketer, Fitness24Seven

“PinMeTo’s Post Local app makes it infinitely easier for major brands to maintain a local presence on Facebook”

-Steve O’Hear, TechCrunch




Dynamic text-templating

One message, thousands of locally relevant posts.

Create a single message and publish it to one, some, or all of your local Facebook pages using dynamic fields that contain locally relevant information, like city, address, or phone number.

Filter & Segment Locations

Post to international, national, regional, or custom groups of your locations.

Running a special offer in a specific city? You can filter and select your locations any way you want and deliver locally, relevant content to any of your target groups.


Schedule posts

Post at the optimal time with post scheduling.

Schedule posts and maximize the exposure to your target audience. Ensure that your content gets released when it is most likely to be seen by scheduling it to appear when your audience is most active.

Local Insights

React and refine your strategy with detailed statistics.

See how your customers reacted to your content with local insights. See summaries ranging from your company’s lifetime post performance to a single post on a single location.