We help you to always keep your business information up-to-date on the biggest search, map, and social media platforms.

Including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and thousands of other apps and online services people use to find local businesses.

Online Locations Matter

Local searches

”4 out of 5 local searches on mobile devices end in a purchase (73% of these purchases are in  brick and mortar stores)”

Think outside your website

People are likelier to look up your business using their preferred online service, rather than using your website.

Think money

Manually keeping business information updated on multiple platforms is expensive and very complex.

Own your online presence

Ensure that each of your local branches has its own online counterpart

Upload your company information once and take control of your online locations on multiple search, maps and social media platforms. PinMeTo helps you take administrative control of existing locations, and generate missing locations for your branches as needed.


 Never mislead a customer

Keep your online information correct and up to date.

PinMeTo constantly monitors your locations online and alerts you to any differences in information. Once differences are found, you can easily publish correct information across multiple platforms with a single click.

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Remove unofficial content

Find and remove pages that falsely claim to represent your brand.

Unofficial, duplicate pages are constantly being created that use your company’s name but aren’t owned or controlled by you. PinMeTo searches for these pages and makes it easy for you to remove them and connect with your customers.

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Brand Control

Easily select and set your profile picture and background image on multiple networks.

Maintain a uniform appearance across your locations by easily publishing your profile picture and background image to multiple search, maps and social media platforms. PinMeTo let’s you decide whether you want uniformity across all of your pages or if you want to let local managers use their own graphics.

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Monitor your performance

See trends across your entire company or on a single location.

With PinMeTo’s insights you can see detailed statistics about your online presence. Select from a company wide summary of activity down to the performance of a single location, or see which of your locations are your top performers.

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API Access

Connect your current CMS system to PinMeTo using our API.

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