Post local content with dynamic fields to all of your Facebook location pages at once, from one place.


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We are extremely excited and proud to introduce our newest product Post Local - the world’s first tool that allows for chain businesses to act and post as local as the corner shop.

You as marketers, social media managers and communicators have long known the power of relevant local content but there has never been a tool that easily allows you, who manages tens, hundreds or thousands of local facebook pages to act and post local content. That changes now!

In the new Post Local you can, for the first time ever, create Facebook posts with custom fields that will be filled in with local content and either publish it immediately or schedule the post to be published on one, some, or all of your locations.

What makes Post Local different is the inclusion of dynamic fields that allow you to write a single message and have the system insert the correct information for the local Facebook pages, giving each post a local, unique feel.

Use dynamic fields such as {{address}}, {{city}} name, and {{phone number}} in a message and let the app fill in the appropriate local information and make your posts truly local. You have the capabilities of hundreds of Social Media Managers. It’s hyper local at scale.

We used the new feature to celebrate the opening of our new offices by inviting people to come join us for a coffee. We wrote a single message with the dynamic fields of company name, location descriptor, street address, and city resulting in the two posts seen below.

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Group your locations using our integrated filtering

There are times when you want to have a message go out to every one of your fans, such as a national or international sale. Other times you may have special reason to want to reach out to only certain people at certain places. Filtering allows you to group your locations however you want and post content to your targeted group.

Release your posts at the right moment for optimal engagement

Creating great content is only one part of getting people's attention. It is also important to release that content when your target audience is most likely to see and react to it. Scheduling lets you create a queue of scheduled posts or group posts by region so that the same message will go out when at a certain local time.

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Use insights to refine your engagement strategy

Once posts are published you can see statistics on post performance ranging from lifetime performance summaries down to single post performance for a given location. This gives you valuable insight into how people react to content so that you can adjust the frequency and type of posts or see if a specific offer or message performed well. This is A/B-testing on a new level.

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Fitness24Seven real world beta results

During the beta phase Fitness24Seven used the feature extensively both to create regional campaigns, local events like bootcamps, and national offers for 4 different countries.

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Above is an example of one of the campaigns Fitness24Seven ran. In this case, it was for an Expo in Gothenburg Sweden and they posted it to select gyms in the area. Below is an example of how one of the posts on a singly gym page performed showing views, impressions, and other statistics.


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 13.41.09 "Once again our co-operation with PinMeTo has generated a better, more efficient and smarter platform for our local presence on Facebook.” said Christoffer Persson Digital Marketer for Fitness24Seven. “This new feature is incredible easy to use and since they granted us access we have been using it daily. Now we can offer our followers a more personalised and relevant Facebook feed – a win win for all parties!"

Get started today and interact with your fans like never before

Facebook location pages have consistently generated enormous numbers of unpaid engagement and reach which is of great benefit to both the local branches as well as to the brand as a whole.

Posts to local pages of our clients have on average 47% better unpaid reach than the same posts on their respective brand pages, and they get 59% better engagement; likes, clicks, shares and comments. 30 local pages have generated 2,261,187 unpaid impressions over a 30 day period versus 5,663 impressions on the Brand’s brand page. That’s 452 times more impressions if you post local!  

Don’t waste the enormous engagement of your local communities. Start updating them, and be their local hero today. We hope you are as excited about this release as we are.

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